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22 Oct

Eat Local

Life At The Inn

At the Manor House one of our most popular breakfast items is Rich’s Orange Zest French Toast made with ciabbatta bread and Mead’s Maple Syrup.

Last week Winter Mead, our local master maple syrup maker, delivered two 50 gallon jugs of his liquid gold to the Inn and invited us to his house to pick apples. He and his wife Jude live on a lovely hilltop with a panoramic view of the Canaan valley and the Litchfield Hills. The woods along the drive up to his sugar house are lined with tap lines running from maple tree to maple tree. Winter admits it is hard work, snow shoeing through the woods on cold winter days, but the results are one of nature’s most natural and finest sweeteners. Sublime is a good way to describe it.

Today I am making applesauce with the box full of apples we brought home with us. This weekend we will be serving applesauce pancakes.

We are offering 10% mid-week discounts through December 30th so give us a call at 860-542-5690. We promise we will be serving something for breakfast that will require a drizzle or more of Winter Mead’s masterpiece maple syrup.


Mead's Maple Syrup

Mead’s Maple Syrup