Hydrangeas, Manor House Norfolk

About Us

The Manor House Inn is an independent woman-owned boutique hotel in Connecticut, managed by Ray Hospitality, and distinguished by its commitment to sustainable development and eco-conscious practices. Recognized as a Green Lodging Hotel, and members of the Conscious Business Collaborative, we prioritize not just profits but also the well-being of people and the planet we all share.

As stewards of the historic 125+ year-old estate, we are dedicated to preserving the past while thoughtfully planning for the future. Our goal is to develop the Alders Estate responsibly; reflecting the values of our community – conservation, culture, and well-being.

Norfolk is a village that offers respite from the hustle of city life; a place in which nature and culture converge. Surrounded by unspoiled forests and rolling hills, it’s a haven in which community convictions and quality-of-life commitments drive both preservation and progress.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire moments of connection, reflection, and celebration.

You’ll see this in our curation of spaces, our commitment to wellbeing, and the warmth of hospitality that characterizes your experience.

Our Values

Mindful Presence: We aspire to model mindful presence and to invite guests to embrace the present moment to savor life as it unfolds. We encourage people to consider a digital detox / screen-free experience to cultivate mindfulness.

Connection: We are nourished by meaningful connections – with one another, our guests, and our environment. We aspire to collaborate, communicate, and connect authentically in all interactions.

Excellence & Beauty: We aim to create experiences that are lovely, life-affirming, and awe-inspiring; awakening our collective capacity for creation, curiosity, and wonder, and celebrating the best in each other and the spaces we inhabit.

Health & Human Flourishing: We support well-being ~ body, mind, and spirit and savor our corner of Connecticut, where the farmlands, forests, and foothills of the Berkshires offer unparalleled therapeutic benefits.

Preservation & Progress: We believe preservation is an act of reverence – cherishing the irreplaceable beauty and meaning inherited from the past, and protecting the natural resources around us. We also seek opportunities to innovate and elevate guest experiences with modern amenities, ecoconscious cuisine, and the conscientious development of new offerings ~ ever-mindful of our impact on the environment and our community.